Exercise & Warmup Scripts

The Garden Party

Nasality Control Script: A script that focuses on specific sounds and words that can be prone to nasality, helping you practice controlling and minimizing nasal

Breathing Techniques Practice

In this script, you will practice various breathing exercises and techniques. Focus on refining your breath control and support during your vocal performances. Practice these

Mouth Position and Articulation Exercise

In this script, you will practice challenging words and phrases that require precise mouth positioning and clear articulation. Focus on refining your enunciation skills as

Scooping out the Inside

Articles on Voice Acting

Crafting a Compelling Voice Acting Demo Reel

Introduction: Creating a standout voice acting demo reel is an essential step in showcasing your talents and landing jobs in the industry. In this article, we’ll discuss the key components

On Brand

Legendary Voices

The Inimitable Patrick Warburton

Introduction: With his unmistakable deep, resonant voice and deadpan delivery, Patrick Warburton has become an iconic figure in the world of voice acting. His unique

Tara Strong

Tara Strong: A Voice for Every Generation Tara Strong has been enchanting audiences with her vocal prowess for decades. With a career spanning over 30

The Incomparable Don Pardo

Introduction: The voice of Don Pardo is synonymous with the history of television and entertainment. For over six decades, Pardo’s booming, authoritative voice graced our

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