Worried about the Covid-19 health crisis’ and
facing both immediate and long term health and healing?
I’ve felt that too. I HAD IT , fought a nasty battle, and gratefully have come through it!
I relied on a routine of centered-breathing and simple movements to cleanse myself of symptoms, and recover all senses and proper functionality.

I contracted Corona Virus in the Summer of 2020, accompanied by the off-the-charts smoke pollution from the ravaging fires in Oregon and experienced heavy physical symptoms. I had to work harder than ever, but was determined reclaim my health.

What I found saved for me was a steady practice of breathing and movement routines, designed to clear and balance my system. They are simple, functional, safe, and most importantly- effective.

I’m lucky, I’ve been studying, practicing, teaching, and assisting people in achieving optimal health for many years, so I knew just what to do. I am here to share those techniques with you, and more, and work with you to achieve a healthy balanced system.

Barclay Powers, founder of Center Point System.
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