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World of Swordcraft

All Cultures - All Blades

Mankind’s most primary and transformative tool is the sharpened blade. 


World of Swordcraft is an online Directory and Exploration of Blades through Time, Culture, and Use, from Survival and Weapons to Building, Cooking, Healing, Artpiece, Ceremony, and Entertainment. 


The World of Swordcraft original filmed program educates and entertains as hosts explore the vast history, construction, usage, and family-friendly activities from a world built using blades.

Self-Regenerative Health & Focus

Center Point is an online self-care system based on easy….

Center Point’s remarkable success in treating chronic pain, trauma, dependencies, and numerous difficult health issues results from a consistent practice of tension-free movements, in sync with easy breathing exercises. 
Effective as a way of clearing blockages and increasing clean cellular energy production, Center Point brings neuroregenerative healing, increasing brain satisfaction, hemispheric synchronization, and emotional balance. 
As a result, Center Point provides the strength to handle various high-pressure, mentally and emotionally demanding situations. 
Funds raised directly support Self-Care Training programs and coaching for:
The Healthcare Workers & First Responders Burnout Crisis,
Long-Covid Symptom Sufferers,
and Substance Recovery 

Virtual Landmark
Real Estate

Historical Recreations
of Cultural Touchstones

Some places are so rich in the culture that has passed within that they become important vessels for history and societal reference, identity, and pride. Appearing through myriad media and stories and ingrained in the memories of scores of generations, some locations live on long past their era.

The harsh demands of change and development have reduced too many treasured locations to landfills, utterly erasing them, leaving a void.


To reclaim and rescue these disappearing memories we digitally rebuild and restore beloved locations, their character, and environments.  

We create valuable places to collect and house relevant memories and media, a Living Time Capsule.

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Ways You Can Support These Projects

Mindless Mindfulness: Daily Workbook

This book supports the a self-guided journey to better health and focus, with lots of support. Comes paired with helpful online community, guided meditations, and instructional video classes that provide additional insights and motivation.

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Healthcare Workers in Intensive Work Environments- Classes & Support

We distribute specific routines and support to Nurses and other Healthcare Workers who are suffering extreme burnout and need assistance.

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We curate and create all sorts of media related to the craft.


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Invest in the Past's Future.

Own a piece of history with NFT Deeded Virtual Properties. 

Future uses can be anything from virtual meeting places, realistic film locations, to artwork and 3d printed replicas. Secure your owners key spot now.

Garden of Allah, Hotel and Villas
8152 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood California

Built – 1927
Demolished – 1959
Virtual Rebuild- 2019

Hollywood Star Lanes
5227 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles California

Built – 1960
Demolished – 2002
Virtual Rebuild- 2019

Ciro’s Nightclub
8433 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood California

Built – 1940
Closed – 1957
Virtual Rebuild- 2019

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