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Help Fatigued Heroes with a Single Click

Your support helps a nurse in crisis, right now.

Center Point helps those suffering burn-out rejuvenate through personalized self-care routines, coaching, and support.

Nurses are tough, it goes with the territory. But battling on the front line of this crisis nonstop has them crashing hard and not getting up. A skyrocketing percentage of nurses and health professionals took their own lives in 2020. Having given out so much more than they could ever replenish for themselves they chose a solution that should not make sense.
There is effective help, but it’s limited. Nurses and other health practitioners are being trained in rejuvenative self-care, and being certified to teach others. The Center Point Self-Care System is the only program that combines natural breathwork, with tension-free movement, and easy meditation. And, it can be done by anyone, anywhere.
Your gift today goes to training and direct implementation of these life-saving techniques. Center Point is collaborating with nursing advocacy groups, healthcare organizations. The Well. sends trained practitioners in for direct health intervention and coaching support.

Change like this isn’t achieved by a stimulus check, or some time off. It takes developing healthy coping mechanisms to stay on the path to restoring balance.

Thank you for your help to deliver life-saving self-care to these nurses so they can continue to help others. Their health is important to us, and they deserve it.

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Center Point Self-Care System brings effective natural stress relief, cellular rejuvenation, and a positive focus.
Center Point’s Body-Brain-Breathing┬« method promotes proper organ functioning and system balance through stimulation of the Vagus nerve. This activation of the parasympathetic nervous system switches the brain from “fight-or-flight” response and restores the body to a state of calm.

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[charitable_donation_form campaign_id=1734]

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