Balance, Bone & Joint-Strengthening Movement Routines for Parkinson's

Muscle Strengthening, Flexibility, Equilibrium, & Mobility Training.

After the age of 60, one in four adults has a serious life-threatening fall. The ability to maintain balance and slow the degeneration of neuro-muscular performance for as long as possible is essential for Parkinson’s patients.

Center Point exercises gently strengthen the whole body and can be done at home with a caregiver. Balance, respiration, speech, swallowing, and memory deterioration may be slowed using moving, walking, breathing, seated, and standing exercises which increase strength, coordination, and equilibrium.

These exercises synchronize the movements of the upper and lower body with abdominal breathing that greatly improves blood flow to the brain, increasing brain cell energy production and synchronizing the firing of the neurons in the brain, heart, and “gut-brain”. The improvement in vagus nerve function may greatly reduces stress and anxiety by regulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Students have reported improvements in joint flexibility and balance, increased muscle strength, stabilized walking and overall agility, better ability to stand up from sitting, as well as increased stamina and endurance.

This video-based therapeutic series is designed by internal strength instructor Barclay Powers, and taught by Barclay and lead Center Point trainer and licensed nurse Ryan Finnegan.

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Exercises are suitable for a wide variety of ages and fitness levels and include seated and standing postures.

Private Supportive Healing Community

Your enrollment in this class includes both a membership to the Center Point healing community website, as well as a private membership area specific to the Parkinson's routines where questions can be asked and information shared in an exclusive forum.

More to come...

As the healing community grows, more routines and material will be released in the member area for this class. 

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These video are vertically oriented, making them suitable for viewing on handheld devices, displaying the body larger in frame.

The feeling for the viewer is more personal, akin to a live video call.

 Talk to your neurologist and your primary care provider before starting a new exercise regimen. They can counsel you on how intense your exercises can be and advise you about exercises to avoid based on your particular challenges or limitations. Center Point routines are gentle and designed to be done by the majority of people, but to ensure they are right for you please consult your healthcare professional before beginning. General medical advice is the more regular movement and consistent exercise the better, depending on the capabilities of the individual.

 Some people find that exercise helps them reduce the doses of Parkinson’s medications over time. But exercise is not a replacement for your medications. In fact, some people need more medications so they can stay active. Don’t make changes to your medications without talking to your healthcare providers. 

“These breathing and movement exercises are among the most powerful methods of generating self-healing energy that I’ve experienced.”
Nicki Skully
Author and World-Renowned Healer
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