“Beholding the Beholder” – Exclusive Monoprint Edition


“Beholding the Beholder,” is an exclusive monoprint that turns the tables on the traditional concept of whale watching. This linocut marvel captures the brief, breathtaking moment when the whale observes us, breaking the ocean’s surface.

This print, set on premium archival art paper with a 4×5 inch image area and a 3/4-inch border, highlights the grandeur and fluidity of the hand-carved details. Each monoprint is a unique artifact, celebrating the whale’s majestic leap and the profound exchange of gazes.

With “Beholding the Beholder,” immerse your space in the whale’s awe-inspiring presence. This work is a salute to the grand narratives of the sea, available solely here for those who revere the awe-inspiring and the magnificent in art.

Dimensions: image size 4″x5″ overall size approx 5.5″x6.5″
Medium: Ink
Paper: choice of Archival Paper stock. Given the bespoke nature of these artworks, where each print is meticulously hand-pulled by the artist, selecting custom stock options may extend production time.
Provenance: Hand signed by the artist, certifying the origin and authenticity of the print
Packaging: Each piece is wrapped in cellophane sleeve for protection and presentation

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