Heat Magic Appearing OWL Mug 11oz


“Dreamweaver’s Gaze” the Majestic and insightful Owl!
Nature’s Gaze Magic Morphing Mugs. Each mug features a striking linocut image from the Nature’s Gaze series that beautifully transform with just a touch of warmth. These clever mugs sit unassuming in classic black until you fill them with your favorite hot beverage, unveiling the white linocut images that fade into view, bringing the captivating gaze of the owl, fox, raven, and whale to life right before your eyes.

Crafted from 100% healthy ceramic, these 11 oz. mugs are designed for everyday use. Measuring 3.23″ in width and 3.74″ in height, with a comfortable C-shaped handle. They are the perfect companion for your morning ritual, whether it be coffee, tea, chai, hot cocoa, or even some miso (yum).

The awesome sauce lies in the heat-activated technology that reveals hidden images.
These mugs are a daily conversation starter, as the animal kingdom greets you with its silent gaze.

Please note, to preserve the mystical journey these mugs offer, they require a gentle touch. They are not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or soaked in water. Care for them as you would a delicate piece of artโ€”avoid using abrasive materials for cleaning to keep the linocut images intact.

Currently, these magical vessels are available exclusively for shipping within the United States from our USA-based facility.

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