Nature’s Gaze Original Print Collection


I am thrilled to offer you a full signed set of these images, each representing a cornerstone of my journey into linocut artistry. These first four images hold a special place in my heart, and I only wish I had discovered the joy of using my carving knives sooner. Their creation began as mere ideas, quickly taking form as sketches directly on the linoleum block, followed by the delicate process of inking with pen the positive and negative, and then carving the image. It is a satisfying moment to ink up the plate and press it’s first print. It was indeed a bold experiment, with the owl materializing first, its insightful gaze almost questioning me – ‘Who’s next?
I hand-ink the plates, and each one gives me a gorgeous print, if I am mindful, and do it correctly. Then clean up the ink and plate and rollers, and if I have the steam I make another one. It is worth it, each time I hand pull an image that I feel great about, the texture and version of each is a remarkable thing to create. I hope you get some joy from them as well.
I make these in very small batches, on thoughtfully selected archival stock. Each is titled, and signed, and the set included a handsome artists’ certificate of provenance and sale.

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