“Sentinel’s Insight” – Exclusive Monoprint Edition


“Sentinel’s Insight,” is a portal to the Raven’s profound world. The meticulous hand-carved linocut echoes the raven’s legendary wisdom and the depth of its perspective.

The artwork, sized at 4×6 inches and surrounded by a tasteful 3/4-inch border, graces premium archival art paper, enhancing the distinctive layers and textures that are the signature of hand-pulled prints. Each monoprint stands as an individual statement of artistry, a testament to the raven’s storied gaze.

“Sentinel’s Insight” offers a slice of mystery to your collection, available exclusively here. This monoprint is a homage to the raven’s mythic presence and is ideal for those who find beauty in the union of art, myth, and nature.

Dimensions: image size 4″x6″ overall size approx 5.5″x7.5″
Medium: Ink
Paper: choice of Archival Paper stock. Given the bespoke nature of these artworks, where each print is meticulously hand-pulled by the artist, selecting custom stock options may extend production time.
Provenance: Hand signed by the artist, certifying the origin and authenticity of the print
Packaging: Each piece is wrapped in cellophane sleeve for protection and presentation

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