VALUE: Measured, Certified, Assured

The vital factor in the proper valuation of an authentic item is the establishment of it’s Provenance, a detailed and verifiable history of the items’ journey.ย ย works with you, the seller, in collecting this information and with proper authentication the item can be registered and a certificate issued.

Our vintage certificate was custom made at the highest level of detailed craftsmanship, and is exclusive to When a document like this is properly prepared it greatly enhances the expressed, and resale value of the items.

Printed on legal parchment with eleven layers of security including holographic seal, micro-printing, custom thread ribbon, and other features that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functionally secure.

A digital record stored in our database contains the research used to generate each certificate, and is available to view by entering the passcode seen in the middle of the QR code printed on and unique to each certificate. This code unlocks the page and record,ย  providing a secure and convenient way to corroborate and further bolster the value of the registered item.

Our proprietary Certificate of Authenticity, Statement of Provenance, and Signed Registered legal document.
Fine details in printed document
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