Sellers Overview

Information Collection’s Certificates of Authenticity and Statement of Provenance are important elements to establish proper ownership and bolster value. Our process of identifying, authenticating, appraising, documenting, and cataloging requires corroborative research and may entail conversations, communications, and requests for more detailed information in various forms, as well as personal and professional references. The notes from these inquiries are kept and made available for inspection by authorized parties and used to create the public information regarding the item’s description and provenance. Information received that is sensitive or wished to be kept private must be clearly indicated and agreed upon in writing between parties, and before publishing item(s) to an active auction catalogue.

Your Seller's Agreement

Before you sell your property with, you will need to sign a Seller’s Agreement. This is the contract that confirms the services, outlines the fee structure and the terms and conditions of sale between you and

Agreeing to estimates and reserves will agree a low and high estimate range for each item with you. This information is published in the auction catalogue and will be publicly available to potential buyers. will also agree a reserve price with you for each item. This will be an amount that we both agree that we will not sell your item below during the auction. This amount must be equal to, or lower than the low estimate, and will not be published.

Seller’s Commission charges a single Seller’s Commission rate for the services we provide. The commission is calculated on each item as a fixed percentage based on the eventual hammer price at auction. This rate includes marketing and auction items preparatory costs. If your item sells for over the high estimate we agree with you, there will also be an additional 2% Performance Commission fee.

You may also be charged for other external services such as shipping, restoration and framing, but these will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand. 


Once you have signed your Seller’s Agreement, can assist with getting your auction sale items shipped to us to be prepared for sale and shipping (or return).

After the Sale

You will receive a notification informing you of the price that your item achieved at auction. We will then confirm your net proceeds of sale based on the hammer price, with any agreed-upon expenses and commission deducted. Please note that prices listed on our website display the hammer price inclusive of the buyer’s premium. will then act on your behalf to secure payment from the buyer. Provided we have received payment in full, approximately 35 days after the auction, your payment will be sent to your nominated account, and you will receive a settlement statement for the sale.

If a buyer was not found for your item, will contact you to discuss either re-offering or collecting your property.

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