Mark Silverman

You’ll recognize the voice(s) of Mark Silverman from Disney Park’s Tower of Terror, Howl’s Moving Castle, and is the official voice of Rod Serling as deemed by the estate. Whether you’re a Disney lover, or a fan of character voices, listen to the journey of one legend who went from fan-boy to fan-man.

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Cult classic Special Edition

Conte Matal

Conte is the legend behind film legends. He has worked closely behind the scenes on Hollywood’s most beloved and blockbusting films. Conte shares with us iconic props and inside stories direct from the Big Lebowski, Tombstone, Rushmore, and Fear the Walking Dead.

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Chris Prynoski

Chris leads the fray at the mammoth animation production house Titmouse Inc. If you’ve seen a cartoon in the past 20 years you’ll know his work with Megahits like Big Mouth, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, Metalocalypse to name just a few. Chris shows us a fan-made prop from the horror classic BasketCase. We uncover the appropriately odd way Jeff Goldblum and James Brown started it all.

prynoski_01 spaceballs


Prepare to go to plaid. You’re always preparing- just go! We visit with super fan and ultimate Spaceball Nick Wolf. As we explore the archives of some of the films most well-known and memorable props. Find out how many spacebucks he shelled out and how far he would go to schmooze both sides of the Schwartz.

skroob_01 chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Come with us back to the days of Hollywoodland when film was groundbreaking and silence was golden.
Charlie Chaplin, the world’s favorite tramp gave us more gems than what he left on the silver screen. We open the vault to take a more intimate glimpse through century-old personal effects, props, sketches, and handwritten notes by one of the most recognizable characters the world has ever known.


Carolyn Garcia

Titmouse Inc is a mammoth animation production house and Chris is their

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